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How We Treat Our Vendors and Suppliers

At Lee Lumber, nothing is more important than the people we deal with. This includes not just our customers and everyone who is employed by Lee Lumber; it also includes our vendors and suppliers.
Lee Baumgarten, our founder and retired Chairman, instilled in us the understanding that our suppliers and their sales staffs are always to be treated with respect and the relationships with those companies and individuals nurtured and appreciated.

Here are some of the “nuggets of wisdom” passed down from Lee regarding vendor relationships that still hold true at Lee Lumber:

  • Always try to make time for a salesman. You never know when he’s going to have a new great product.
  • Treat a salesman well and he’ll be sure to offer us the best deals that are available.
  • Don’t let a salesman take you to lunch unless you’ve bought something from him. Then, if he’s taken you out several times, buy him lunch! This will let him know you value the relationship and that it is a two way street.
  • Don’t always try to get the last penny on every deal. Our suppliers have to make a profit too.
  • Be patient and work with a vendor when they make a mistake. We’re not perfect either.
  • Let them know we are loyal and will only move to a competitor for good reason and after they have had an opportunity to retain our business.
  • Also let them know that if they sell our customer directly, they will terminate our business relationship.


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