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Our Commitment for the Environment

As a member of the National Lumber & Building Material Dealers Association (our President is a past Chairman), Lee Lumber subscribes to the Association's policy statement regarding Forest Practices and the Environment.

NLBMDA recognizes the important role lumber from sustainably managed forests plays in building and maintaining the infrastructure of our society. Lumber from sustainably managed forests is one of the few renewable resources that enhance the environment rather than detract or degrade it. As an industry leader in the lumber industry, NLBMDA is positioned to participate in both supply and demand issues in the global lumber market. Therefore, NLBMDA can contribute to the development and implementation of environmental solutions in the forestry sector. NLBMDA fully supports those responsible forest management practices that promote sustainability, and result in long term environmental benefit.

The wood products derived from our forests provide outstanding benefits and are widely used in building, furnishings, and a host of other applications. Wood is natural and biodegradable.

As industry leaders, NLBMDA members are committed to encouraging the marketplace to promote the conservation of natural resources. To demonstrate their commitment, NLBMDA members pursue a policy to promote the sustainability of our forests and encourage the use of wood products from those sustainably managed forest.
NLBMDA and its members care about our forests. It is our commitment - and our challenge - to promote the practice of Sustainable forestry to meet the needs of today without compromising the ability to meet the needs of future generations.

NLBMDA and its members will give purchasing preference to companies and landowners who practice and encourage sustainable forest management based on the concept of continuous improvement. NLBMDA recognizes that there are a variety of different, credible sustainable forestry management systems in place throughout North America and the World:

The American Tree Farm System and other similar programs encourage and promote forestry excellence on non-industrial private forestlands.

The Canadian Standards Association promotes sustainable forestry practices on large private and government owned forests in Canada.

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative Program promotes the practice of sustainable forestry on all lands, regardless of size or ownership, and recognizes the importance of landowner outreach and landowner education in achieving a broad commitment to wise forest use.

The Forest Stewardship Council is an international program focused primarily on reducing tropical deforestation and promoting well-managed forests in developing countries.

The Pan European Forest Certification System has demonstrated a commitment to sustainable forestry on lands in Europe.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO 14001) is an internationally recognized standard for assessing a company's environmental management system.

And there may be other sustainable forestry programs developed in the future that NLBMDA might want to add to the above list.

NLBMDA intends to increase the purchase of wood products from companies and landowners who subscribe to credible sustainable forestry programs.

NLBMDA will educate its members about environmental and forestry issues and about our own policies. We will regularly review this policy to ensure that it reflects new knowledge and other opportunities that may arise for NLBMDA to exercise leadership in the evolution of environmental standards.

Environmentally sound building practices are important to all of us. There are guidelines that exist such as LEED, Global Green, the Green Building Initiative and, likely, more to follow. None are without flaws. There is no perfect set of “rules” that applies to each site, climate, and type of structure.

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