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Interior Designers

We’re well experienced in working with Designers and understand how to interface with them and their clients. Many noted Designers and design firms regularly use us for their kitchens and cabinetry.

Our sales staff will work with you to select moulding patterns and finish materials.

Our window specialists can help recommend the exact specifications of the product that will best give you the look you want. They have the knowledge and ability to align divided lites and elevations that you won’t find at a mass merchandiser.

Cabinetry is the area where we often work together with Designer and Client to create and engineer the kitchen and cabinetry that is aesthetically pleasing, functional, and exciting to the client. Engineering is an important aspect, in that although many Designers can design a kitchen, very few have the expertize to transfer the design concepts to an order for production; detailing each cabinet, accessory, and trim while making sure that the chosen appliances are exactly accomodated.

Each of our Lee Lumber and Lee Lumber’s Spaces and Views locations has a comfortable meeting area to sit down with your client and discuss selections.

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