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Glossary of Terms

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Aerosol Expanding Form Insulation
A liquid foam insulation contained in an aerosol can which when applied dries solid. This type of insulation is generally not recommended by Marvin for insulating between the rough opening and jambs because of its inherent characteristic to continue to expand after it has been applied. There maybe some exceptions when required by building codes.

Air Barrier
A durable lightweight specially designed sheathing film (or membrane) placed over the exterior sheathing and around doors and windows to reduce air infiltration.

Air dried (AD)
Lumber that has been dried in the open air.

Aluminum Surround
The aluminum frame around a screen or energy panel.

A piece of casing or decorative trim installed against the wall immediately beneath the stool of a window.

Argon Gas
A colorless and odorless gas used to fill the airspace between insulating Low E II glass. The addition of argon increases the insulating performance of the Low E II glass.

A moulding applied to one stile of an Inswing French Door, Outswing French Door, Sliding French Door or French Casemaster window unit which the other door panel or window sash strikes. Usually head and footbolt devices will be found on the astragal side.

Single units mulled together.

Authentic Divided Lite (ADL)
Permanent stationary muntins and bars separate the glass in a window or door sash to give the sash two or more authentic lites of glass.

Awning Window Unit
A combination of frame and sash, hinged at the top of the vertical jambs which allows the unit to pivot from the top with the sash opening to the exterior of the building.

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Lee Lumber Lunch and Learn

Wednesday, April 23rd

2587 North Elston, Chicago

Presented by Windsor Windows

"Organic Coatings for Aluminum Clad Wood Windows & Doors"

Participants of this course will learn about organic coating options for aluminum clad wood window and door products, specification requirement for paint, and the benefits and limitations of paint.

Length: 1 Hour

Credit: 1 LU/HSW


RSVP to Rick@LeeLumber.com or 773-509-6700





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