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Eased Edges (EE)
Slightly rounded surfacing on pieces of lumber to remove sharp corners. Lumber 4 inches or less in thickness is frequently shipped with eased edges unless otherwise specified.

Pieces of wood glued together in order to make a wider or thicker piece of lumber.

The way by which a person exits. Most building codes require egress windows in steeping areas.

A measure of a surface's ability to emit long-waved infrared radiation or room temperature radiant heat energy. Emissivity varies from 0 (no emitted infrared) to 1 (100 percent emitted infrared). The lower the emissivity, the lower the resultant U-Value.

Energy Panel (EP)
A piece of glass, annealed or tempered, and finished on the edges by a surround. EPs are applied to windows or doors and rest on the glazing stop. EPs offer the homeowner added energy efficiency.

End Check
A surface check at the end of a piece of lumber.

End-Match (EM)
To tongue and groove the ends of matched lumber.

A lengthwise separation of the wood fibers at the end of a piece of lumber.

A decorative door handle plate attached to the stile directly behind the handle(s). Generally square or rectangular shaped.

Tilt-Turn hardware which houses the gear mechanism for the Tilt-Turn, inswinging casement and hopper handles.

Extreme Fiber Stress in Bending (Fb)
The allowable unit stress used in the design of bending members such as beams, trusschords, joists and rafters.

An article or product of vinyl or metal made by the process of extruding. Extrusions include vinyl sill and head jamb tracks, vinyl jamb liners and aluminum cladding used on the exterior of clad units.

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